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Vladimir BOZOVIC


Hi there! I'm Vlad and when I'm not philosophizing, eating pizza or obsessing about psychology and the hidden power of our minds I tend to be a sociable, creative and just slightly weird Electrical (+Management) Engineer with a strong passion for business, design and startups.

I believe that life is just a video game that our souls are playing via an ultra-advanced console we call body in a hyper-realistic environment we call reality. For me, one of the most interesting "levels" in the journey of our lives is the quest of breaking through the walls of corporate kingdoms.

Just like a video game has "hacks" that can be used to pass to higher levels more quickly, so in our lives we have cannons that can skyrocket the chances of success when applying for that dream job.

I would love for us to work together to put your CV in the zenCV cannon and launch it straight through your target company's defense lines and into the heart of your future employer. 

Nice meeting you!